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The History of LaMantia Produce

Antonio LaMantia
Antonio LaMantia

In 1882 Antonio LaMantia, my great-grandfather, a farmer from Sicily, came to the United States and started his own business using a horse and buggy selling produce door-to-door. As time passed, he sent to Italy for other members of his family. Several of those relatives became involved in produce sales, too. As a result, there was at least six LaMantia Produce Companies in Western Pennsylvania, each owned and managed by a member of Antonio's family. In the early 1920's, Antonio's Uncle Joseph moved to Chicago and founded what would eventually be LaMantia Brothers Co., the largest produce house in the mid-western United States for much of the last century.

About 10 years later, his cousin, D.J., started a produce business in Pittsburgh, again being the largest of its kind in the region. Both the Chicago and Pittsburgh businesses were eventually sold or taken over by non-family members. Without a LaMantia in charge however, those once thriving businesses did not survive. Our commitment to service has given us the ability to prosper; being one of the oldest produce companies in Pennsylvania.
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LaManatia Family
4 Generations of LaMantia's

Pictured: (from left to right)
Michael, Ayrton, Phillip Sr., Phillip Jr.

Our business is descended from Antonio's original wholesale company. When he died in 1927, the business stayed in the family, managed first by his son Sam then his brother Dominic. Later by his great-nephew Philip and finally today his great-great-nephew Michael Anthony LaMantia.

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